Do I have to purchase the Smart wrap at the same time?
No, all our products are designed to be purchased individually when the budget allows.
Can I replace the smart mattress faux suede cover?
Yes, we have specifically designed the system to allow all items to be purchased separately, why buy another bed when everything can be replaced?
Can I purchase and change the colour of the covers?
Yes, just purchase the items you want to.
How long before I receive my products?
Products are sent out on the next working day following your purchase, you should normally receive them within 48 hours of dispatch if stock allows.
Can I just purchase a Smart Mum fur cover?
Yes, any of the products can be purchased independently from each other at any time.
Is there any real fur or suede in your products?
No, our products are cruelty free. We use faux fur and suede to the highest quality.
What should I do if my item is faulty or arrives damaged?

In the rare event of something going wrong with your order, please email us at:


If you could take pictures of the problem this would also help.